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Playstation Now Is Way Too Expensive

Playstation Now Is Way Too Expensive

Like many other Playstation 4 members, I was excited when I saw that the Playstation Now beta would be out today. And as soon as it was up, I went to go check it out. Like many others I’d heard rumors about how expensive the rentals were for games, but I didn’t quite believe they would launch the service with the enormous expense. Oh how naïve I had been.


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Sony Announces Quarterly Profit

Sony Announces Quarterly Profit

Sony is a company that isn’t doing as well as it may seem. It’s not unusual for them to operate in the red because of divisions with poor sales. For example, Sony’s BRAVIA televisions aren’t selling as well as they could or should, and their VAIO computer line sold so badly that they sold it off. With that being said, it’s a pretty awesome occurrence for a company to showcase profits thanks…

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Morrowind for Android currently in the works

Morrowind for Android currently in the works

The classic RPG from Bethesda is the target of affection from many veteran players, Morrowind’s community continues to thrive after a decade. Much like its successors Skyrim and Oblivion, Morrowind retains a modding community that is very much alive, and constantly seeking out new ways to reinvigorate their beloved title. Even now, you can find frequently updated mods and new projects arising…

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